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I'm sending this short thank you message in an effort to thank you all again. Please Keep-Up the Super Work that you company and team are doing. Thank you for all your help in completing my short sale.  It's a Valued Pleasure to meet/work with such Expertise. 



Arthur and Fumiko
Ocala, FL

Diversified Realty was very knowledgeable and helpful about the short sale process, explaining every step along the way. They kept me informed by providing updates, answered any and all questions that i had and were also very pleasant and sympathetic to this difficult experience. This process is extremely cumbersome and  throughtout its entirety the office were receptive and supportive. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else experiencing difficulties with finances regarding home ownership .
Longwood, FL

We listed our house with Diversified Realty holdings last fall as a short sale. We were SEVERELY underwater and had multiple mortgages on the house with the same lender. We had tried to get a loan modification twice before, but had been unsuccessful. We met with Hunter and he explained the entire process to us up front, not making any guarantees but, assuring us that he would do the best he could for us. 

The end result - the mortgages were settled for about half of what was owed!!! it was absolutely a miracle for our family. We closed on the sale and only had to bring a relatively small amount to the table for closing. 

A few words bout Hunter's team. The girls were absolutely incredible!! They were such a calming force when we got anxious. They constantly followed up with the lender and quickly notified us when she got feedback. They always took our calls or returned them quickly. They are extremely competent and well organized. Everyone was incredible. They coordinate all our showings at a time that was convenient for our family, followed up on the showings, and gave us feedback. Hunter was the ultimate professional, reassuring us whenever we got anxious. We cannot say enough about our positive experience with hunter and his team and the absolute relief and peace of mind our family has now that we have sold out house. 

I don't want to give the impression that this was an easy process for us. The process did take several months and we had to provide updated documents to the lender on a regular basis. There were times when we got anxious and scared that things might not work out. We got so anxious at one point that we contacted the lender ourselves - big mistake!!! Hunter and his team has strongly advised against that but, we mad the mistake and all that did was delay the process. Thanks to Hunter and his team for saving us from our mistake and getting the process back on track. They remained extremely patient with us and helped us move forward. We strongly recommend Diversified Realty for any real estate needs you have, but especially  or a short sale. They are the absolute best and you will not regret it if you follow their direction. 
Orlando, FL

As you know, your offices closed the deal of the short sale of my home. Although this was an emotional, difficult, season in my life your personnel, Pam, in particular made this transaction seem almost effortless. 

During a time frame of approximately five months there were constant communications via email, phone calls that were always taken immediately and the service I received was impeccable. She guided me through this entire process with such grace and respect and I am forever grateful. Through much prayer God finally game me the wisdom to do a short sale and put you in my path to get it done. 

I would personally recommend them to anyone that is considering a short sale of their home. They were the BEST to work with. 
Orlando, FL

I would like to extend my gratitude for your hard work, commitment, and dedication throughout the "short sale" process. i was unable to keep my home due to the market and poor economy, I consulted numerous realty offices prior to yours, none of which had the knowledge or high interest in assisting me during this difficult time. 

I was given a clear explanation regarding all of the steps of a "short sale" process, realistic theories of potential outcomes, also different methods of handling the "short sale". 

I quickly realized that you were the most qualified to assist me with my short sale. The process was immediately started and the lender was contacted. I was sent documents which I signed and returned back. Very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and always bringing me up to date with the short sale proceeding. 

I just wanted to take the time and say Thank You for all the wonderful services that your company provided me with my home in Kissimmiee, Florida. 

Orlando, FL

We were highly satisfied and impressed. 
Theodis and Elizabeth
Sanford, FL

It was truly an awesome experience doing business with Diversified Realty, Mr.Hunter gave me his assurance  that  the property will be sold, and it was done . time frame was exceptional. Thanks again for the help from an amazing company.


Titusville, FL

Thank you for  remarkable service. It was very obvious to our family that Diversified Realty and their agents truly cares about their clients. Theyare always a step ahead thinking proactively to attend to the myriad of details that are involved in every step of the transaction and the professional real estate experience to know what needs to be done, by whom and by what time.  As a successful owner of real estate assets, I know the value of having a team of experts to get things done for me. 

Best Wishes.
Mark B.
Mark B
Oviedo, FL

I just wanted you to know that it was pleasure to work with  you on the sale of Keesler St. . Thanks for all your help! I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks
Deltona, FL

To: HP Investment Group

From: Colleen

Dear Owners and Personnel of HP Investment,

As you know, this  year, your offices closed the deal of the short sale of my home. Although this was an emotional, difficult, season in my life your personnel, Pam, in particular made this transaction seem almost effortless.

During a timeframe of approximately five months there were constant communications via email, phone calls that were always taken immediately and the service I received was impeccable. She guided me through this entire process with such grace and respect and I am forever grateful.  Through much prayer God finally gave me the wisdom to do a short sale and put HP Investment Group in my path to get it done.

I would personally recommend HP Investment Group to anyone that is considering a short sale of their home. They were the BEST to work with! 



Orlando, FL

I have had the pleasure of working with Diversified Realty on several of  my Real Estate transactions, I have worked with several real estate companies and they are at the top of my list! Each time they surpasses my expectations. They listen attentively, are motivated, professional, and knowledgeable. Diversified Realty is always one step ahead of the game with the ability to know exactly what you want and is always willing to go the extra mile. They work hard, and illustrate a great understanding of contract details and negotiation etiquette, all while forging a great relationship that allows for smooth closings. If you are looking for the right company to ensure your transaction will close, I highly recommend  Diversified Realty to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate company. Thank you,

Orlando, FL

As a Mortgage and Real Estate Professional, I say you cannot beat the knowledge of the management and staff of HP Investments.  I've known them for years, and they're in it for the long run. 

Fern B
Sanford, FL

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of your help.  Thanks to you and your dedicated hard work my husband and I were able to sell our house as a short sale and not let it go into foreclosure.  Due to the fact that it took so long to get all interested parties to agree, this process dragged out so long that at times I felt that maybe it would not happen for us. I feared a forclosure! I am so thankful for knowing that you were working on this for us.  Being so far away from the property, it was reassuring to know that you were handling things. Thanks for your patience and for being available to answer my questions. 

Elizabeth R
Orlando, FL

I had bought several homes with some partners. Everything was going good until they bailed. I was left with this property and was unsuccessful in selling them for what I owed.
Unfortunately, I did not research the property before I bought it. That's when I found out it was in a war zone. I knew I needed to get this monkey off my back. I have a wife and
2 kids to take care of and realized I could no longer take on the burden.
That is when I found Diversified Realty and life started changing.
You got the bank to take a short sale and got the property sold.
I am very grateful. Thank you and your staff!!!!
Sanford, FL

My family was very responsible, until the payment on the home went pass what we could afford. Then I was told I have Parkinson. 

I had a friend that you helped several years ago. We were glad to find you are still around.
The stress was too much, so your company took over for us. It is such a relief when you got our home sold, and we had no foreclosure.Thank you and I am sure you will be blessed

Sanford, FL

Thank you does not seem like enough. I was at a dead end. I had to close my restaurant because it wasn't making a profit, then I could not find a job. Unemployment is at a all time high. I tried renting the property but with rental incomes being so low I was unable to find anyone who was willing to pay a rent amount that would cover the expenses of the up keeping the house. Then I tried selling the home but of course the values had dropped and the only offers we were getting were below what I owed.
Thank goodness I found your company. I found you in August and by October you had worked with the bank to get a short sale and got my home SOLD. I now don't have a foreclosure on my credit. Today things are looking a little brighter. Thank you again!

Winter Springs, FL

La razon por esta carta es para agradecer al senor Hunter Paschall, y compania por sus servicios.  Yo me siento muy satisfecho por todo el trabajo culminado. La venta de la casa fue un exito. No ha sido facil lo que he estado viviendo y saber que en el futuro puedo tratar nuevamente, me hace sentir muy contento.

Su profesionalismo me ha dado paz a mi vida.
Gracias a Uds. nuevamente!

orlando, FL

Hunter and Debbie,

We are having an amazing trip. We went through this town in Colorado a couple weeks back. We are in Los Angeles right now then San Francisco. Thanks to the Lord and you guys for making this trip possible for the family. 

Your are a great couple and it was a pleasure to work with you. By buying our home you helped to bring about a very big and needed change in life.

Love in Christ

Ron and Claudia
Longwood, FL

Mis sinceros agradecimientos van para Hunter Paschall y todos sus empleados de HP Investments. Ellos hicieron un terrifico trabajo ayudandome con mis problemas de bienes y raices en Florida! Yo vivo fuera de el estado de la Florida, y cuando my actual jefe se volvio una persona desonesta, Hunter se ocupo de toda mi situacion. Basicamente el hizo de una situacion mala que fuera todo lo contrario. Todo el tiempo fue una situacion mue desesperante para mi, Hunter siempre estubo a mi lado para ayudarme y guiarme paso por paso, yo siempre supe que podia contar con el en todos los momentos para cualquier necesidad. Hunter es una persona de palabra y honesta, profesional en todo los sentidos. El se merece todo los sucesos que ahora esta difrutando. Yo consiredo que lo envio Dios en mi vada , pero mas importante su amistad. Muchas gracias nuevamente Hunter.

Mobile, AL

Estimado Hunter
Muchas gracias por ayudarme a vender mi casa , Maitland, Fl . Fue una carga menos para mi que tu te hagas cargo de la venta. Yo tambien quiero agradecerte por la honestidad, profesionalismo y por la manera muy amistosa que conducen su negocio. Y si en el futuro necesito alguna ayuda con bienes y raices seguro que los voy a buscar para que me ayuden . Y de por seguridad boy a darle el nombre tuyo a cualquier otra persona que se pueda beneficiar con tus servicios.

Te deseo que sigas adelante con tu negocio.

Maitland, FL

Qurido Hunter,


Solo quiero cojer un tiempo para darte las gracias por todo el grandioso servicio que tu me has dado al comprar mi casa en Kissimmee, Fl.

Antes de conocerte mi vida financiera era un desastre! no tenia ninguna solucion para vender mi casa, y estaba seriamente atrasado en mis pagos mensuales en la hipoteca, y me estaban embargando, hasta que tu llegaste a mi vida se resolvio mi problema. No puedo agradecerte lo suficiente por todo lo que me has ayudado cuando mas lo necesitaba. Si en alguna otra ocasion necesito algun servicio en asistencia financiera no dudare en buscar tu ayuda.

Kissimmee, FL

Querido Hunter
Yo solo quiero agradecerte por toda la ayuda que tu me distes. Gracias por hacerse cargo de todos mis pagos por 3 anos y por hacer los pagos a tiempo para el banco. Tu salvaste mi credito. Despues que tu vendiste mi casa yo pague por completo un prestamo que tenia.y mi credito hipotecario fue salvado. No podia tener nada mejor.

Muchas gracias por todo


Querido Hunter,

Muchas gracias por su ayuda. Nuestra casa estaba atrasada en los pagos y nesecitaba aregloen la propiedad. Tu y tu compania vinieron y se hicieron cargo de todo por nosotros . Por medio de 3 anos Uds hicieron los pagos de la hipoteca y y tambien hicieron todos los areglos que necesitaba en el interior de la casa. Cuando hubo el huracan que desbarato la cableria electrica y tambien se calleron los arboles que estaban encima de nuestra casa, Uds. areglaron todo inmediatamente. Nosotros estamos muy agradecidos y vamos a decrile a todos nuestros a migos que si tienen algun problema que se comuniquen con Uds. 

Gracias a Uds,


Yo llame a Hunter a la compania HP Investment Group, Inc. y ellos compraron mi casa en Deltona dentro de 3 dias y me salvaron de tener que danar mi reporte e credito.

Ellos me ayudaron en situacion que yo no podia resolver y se encargaron de hacer todos los pagos mensuales de mi casa y de areglar mi credito haciendo esto.

Gracias por haberme ayudado tanto.

Gracias nuevamente, hoy la hipoteca habia sido pagada por medio de HP Investment Group
Ud. se encargaron de mi propiedad por 5 anos y nunca recebi ninguna llamada de el banco hasta que me dieron la buena noticia, que mi propiedad habia sido pagada por completo.
Gracias, muchas gracias


Yo quiero que tu sepas que comprando la propiedad que le di a mi nieta y deteniendo el embargo que habia para la propiedad tu salvastes mi credito. Tu hicistes lo que me dijistes que ibas ha hacer y nada menos. Tu le conseguistes a mi nieta el dinero que ella queria y su propiedad no llego ha estar en embargo haciendo todos los pago y pagando nuestro prestamo.

Gracias nuevamente.


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